Don't look back
Last Instagram til the end of August. ✌️ & 💙

peace out <3
be back August 29th


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makes it look like you’ve deleted your blog or it doesnt exist and basically mirrors the actual page youd get if you had. its ideal if youve changed you url and dont want people to find you (thats why IM using it) or any other reason 
If you want to make it realistic: be sure to change your icon to this picture (dw about sizing it will fit) and make your blog title “Not Found.”
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hey this is actual useful for those who want to avoid people who harass them or follow them to harass them like porn blogs

I’m gonna make a new blog ish for now just for rants and more private things. Not replacing this one tho I’m adding those I love and admire ! And if you’d like a link just msg me :)

Baby blanket keeps me safe 👶after hours detoxing. Praying tomorrow isn’t another a repeat. I am driven, I have no choice. I want something more  if I am sick though, I will go back. There are resources, and I just want I overcome this.

tw misogyny
what do i label as this as? cat calling? disgusting men shit

there are these group of men working outside out home cutting down a tree and i got a bad vibe from the beginning and they started trying to watch me so i closed my windows - they were yelling things in spanish and said HEY MAMI - I SEE YOU - I WANT MY HEAD - outside my fucking house in this family neighbourhood - because my parents went out for a bit these guys are disgusting? no - they were always. and I honestly am dealing with this better than I would have in the past, I’m just ignoring the fuckers and feeling sorry they have to feel good about their maleness to taunt a girl in her bedroom. Like really? that makes you this BADASS PERSON OF THE MALE SPECIES SHIT