Don't look back

C’mon Lisa
Take it slow
Don’t fuck it up
Like you did the rest
Just be yourself
Be present
They either like you or they don’t
Don’t push them away
If you feel on the verge of losing it again, don’t be afraid to ask for help
Can’t afford to go down that terrible road again

So happy and proud for you!! You are so amazing!!!

Thank you thank you I am proud too! only 11 more days of the program…. and I can’t wait for the future <3333

Will be at Bellwood again in 12 hours to finish this program!!! Excited for life&#160;!

That giddy feeling that I haven’t had in a whole.
Oh noooo

congratulations, im so proud of you :)

thank you n4vyoceans, that means a heck of a lot to hear <333 i am proud too !

The day before I go back to rehab a bunch of cuties message me and I’m feeling comfortable in my own skin
How do I sneak my phone in to Rehab.
How ?!?!

But oh my gosh they remind me too much of my ex of 2 years and it’s weirding me out


*hopes i look gay enough that girls will hit on me*